Welcome to the
Samoan Snail Project
Eua expansa Trochomorpha apia Pythia scarabaeus
Table of Contents
An overall introduction to the Samoan Snail Project.
Overall Project Goals
A summary of the Project Goals.
Maps and Photographs
Location, maps and views of the islands.
Activities and Accomplishments
Objectives and achievements of the Project.
Personnel and Acknowledgements
The people who made this project happen.
Searchable Database
A powerful search engine for species, specimens, and images of snails of Samoa.
Identification Guide
An interactive image-based tool to identify common land snail species from Samoa.
A bibliographic listing of publications resulting from this project. Be sure to explore the interactive, online versions of the Catalog of the nonmarine snails and slugs of the Samoan Islands., and Samoan Land Snails and Slugs: A Field Identification Guide..