The Project is led by Dr. Robert H. Cowie of the Bishop Museum (Honolulu). (See also his web page linked from the Faculty page at the University of Hawaii EECB web site.)

A number of University of Hawaii graduate students have participated or are currently involved in the project at the Bishop Museum: Paul Armstrong, David Britton, and Rebecca Rundell.

This website has been developed by Richard Pyle.

In American Samoa, numerous people have assisted with field work, hospitality, and general logistics, notably Bob Cook and Mino Fialua, but also Chris Stein (formerly Superintendent, National Park of American Samoa), and Peter Craig (also National Parks Service). In addition many people have particpated in field work: Reynold Belford, Anthony Crook, Ben Eiben, Siaifoi Faaumu, Ioane Ioane, Vai Misaalefua, Heidi Sherman, Don Vargo, Rory West, and Rory West, Jr.

Assistance with identification of specimens has been provided by Fred Naggs, David Robinson, and José Willibaldo Thomé. Loan of type material and other specimens used to assist with identifications has been facilitated by Bob Hershler, Cheryl Bright, and Paul Greenhall (National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution), Washington), Philippe Bouchet and Virginie Héros (Muséum Nationale díHistoire Naturelle, Paris), and Trudi Meier (Zoologisches Museum der Universität Zürich). John Slapcinsky assisted with information from the collections in the Field Museum, Chicago.

Many people have offered their support of the project, in particlar Ray Tulafono (Director, American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources).