Pictures taken during each Expedition are available online with the support of SmugMug at:


Discovery and Inventory of PNG's megadiverse flora.
Missouri Botanic Gardens, February 2010 (Shelley A. James)

Adventures in Teptep: Bishop Museum's Botanical Exeditions in PNG.
Hawaii Botanical Society, December, 2010; University of Hawaii 2011 (Shelley A. James)

Online Mapping of Botanical Resources for Hawaii and New Guinea: test cases for the Pacific Basin.
International Botanical Congress, Melbourne, July, 2011 (Shelley A. James, Derek Masaki, Allen Allison, Richard Pyle & Robert Whitton)

Floral biodiversity in New Guinea: how many species are there?
International Botanical Congress, Melbourne, July, 2011 (Shelley A. James, Allen Allison & Neil Snow)

Information Infrastructure for Advancing Conservation in Melanesia.
Evolution of Life on Pacific Islands and Reefs: Past, present, and future Conference, Honolulu HI, May 2011 (Shelley A James & Allen Allison)

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