View down Uga R from Camp 4

Bishop Museum Staff

Shelley James, Botanist (PI)
Allen Allison, Expedition leader (Co-PI)

Herbarium Pacificum Staff
Barbara Kennedy, Collections Manager
Clyde Imada, Research Specialist
Nicole Shun, Collections Technician
Ben Brown, Collections Technician
Varnelle Magoon, Collections Technician
Nicholas Walvord, Collections Technician
Carolina Rivera Alvarez, Scientific Illustrator
Arnold Hori, Volunteer

Richard Pyle, Database Co-ordinator
Robert Whitton, Programmer


Autumn Amici, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Jamie Fuller, Colorado State University

Frank Almeda, California Academy of Sciences
Marc Appelhans, Smithsonian Institute
Max van Balgooy, Nationaal Herbarium Netherlands
Barry Conn, National Herbarium of New South Wales
Lyn Craven, Australian National Botanical Gardens
Jim Croft, Australian National Botanical Gardens
Dubi Damas, PNG National Herbarium
Kipiro Damas, PNG National Herbarium
Kiagube Fazang, PNG National Herbarium
Si He, Missouri Botanical Garden
Robert Johns, Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Fred Kraus, Bishop Museum
Steve Leisz, Colorado State University
Michael Lovave, PNG National Herbarium
Stephanie Lyon, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Barbara Parris, Fern Insititute of New Zealand
Oliver Paul, PNG National Herbarium
Darin Penneys, California Academy of Sciences
Yohan Pillon, University of Hawaii at Hilo
Aleksandar Radosavljevic, Smithsonian Institution
Tom Ranker, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Eric Schuettpelz, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Andre Schuiteman, Kew Botanic Gardens
Phil Shearman, UPNG Remote Sensing Center
Bryan Simon, Queensland Herbarium
Nathalie Simonsson, SIL
Alan Smith, University of California
Neil Snow
Michael Sundue, University of Vermont
JeF Veldkamp, Nationaal Herbarium Netherlands
Henk van der Werff, Missouri Botanical Gardens
Jaap Vermulen, Nationaal Herbarium Netherlands
Ed de Vogel, Nationaal Herbarium Netherlands
George Weiblen, University of Minnesota

Logistical support
Simon Saulei, PNG National Herbarium
Robert Kiapranis, PNG National Herbarium
Thomas Magun, PNG National Herbarium
Jim Robins, National Research Institute
Bulisa Iova, PNG National Museum and Art Gallery
Villagers of Kamiali
Villagers of the Bubuu Valley
Bing Siga and Villagers of Siboma

Project assistance provided by Amanda Harbottle, Chris Morales, Lauren Russman, Mark Fornwall, Derek Masaki, Tracie Mackenzie, Leslie Santos, and our numerous volunteers.

A full list of the U.S., PNG, and international collaborators offering their expertise or logistical support for this project, or have requested collections and logistical support associated with the project can be found here Adobe pdf.

We gratefully acknowlege financial support for this project from anonymous Bishop Museum supporters, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and:


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