Primary Team Members

Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI
Allen Allison (reptiles and amphibians)
Fred Kraus (reptiles and amphibians)
Dan Polhemus (aquatic insects)
Thane Pratt (birds)

University of Florida
John Slapcinsky (landsnails)


Christopher Austin, Louisiana State University (molecular systematics of lizards)
Charles Bursey, Pennsylvania State University at Shenango (helminths of reptiles and amphibians)
Patrick Couper, Queensland Museum (geckos)
Neal Evenhuis, Bishop Museum (dipterans)
Stephen Goldberg, Whittier College (helminths of reptiles and amphibians)
Allen Greer, Australian Museum (skink systematics)
Kristofer Helgen, University of Adelaide (mammals)
Mark Fornwall, Rhyn Davies, Allison Baum, National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII), Pacific Basin Information Information Node (PBIN) (information management)
Michael McCoy, Kuranda (photographic guidance; systematics of Solomon Island reptiles)
Mark O'Shea, Australian Venom Research Institute (reptiles, especially snakes)
Christopher Parkinson, University of Central Florida (molecular systematics of snakes and frogs)
Lorenzo Prendini, American Museum of Natural History (scorpions)
Ira Richling, Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel (helicinid landsnails)
Glenn Shea, University of Sydney (skinks)
Phil Shearman, University of Papua New Guinea (spatial analysis of land use relating to conservation in PNG)
Sarah Smith, Charles Darwin University (molecular systematics of lizards)
David Williams, Australian Venom Research Institute (snakes, especially elapid snakes)
Jessica Worthington Wilmer, Queensland Museum (molecular systematics of lizards)
George Zug, National Museum of Natural History (Nactus geckoes)


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