I thank Dr. A.C. Robinson for the stimulus to produce this catalog, Dr. Gary Rosenberg for extensive assistance with obtaining literature, dates of publication, and for discussion of nomenclatural issues, Dr. Philippe Bouchet for help in obtaining literature, in dating literature, for reviewing all the family-group names, and for discussion, Mr. Fred Naggs for assistance with obtaining literature, for reviewing the Subulinidae, and for helping me with a number of other details. Drs. Yves Finet, Alan R. Kabat, and Peter B. Mordan also helped extensively in obtaining literature. I also thank the following for help with particular groups: Dr. Alison Haynes (freshwater species, especially Neritidae), Dr. Bern Holthuis (Neritidae), Dr. António M. de Frias Martins (Ellobiidae), Dr. Winston F. Ponder (Rissooidea), Prof. José Willibaldo Thomé (Veronicellidae). In addition, Drs. Christopher S. Lobban, Richard C. Preece, and John D. Taylor assisted with dating, Dr. R. Hershler provided information from the collection catalogs of the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Lucius G. Eldredge brought a number of relevant publications to my attention, Dr. F. Christian Thompson helped with interpretation of the Code, and Dr. Willard McCarty helped with clarification of Latin and Greek usage. The manuscript was reviewed formally by Drs. Peter B. Mordan and Gary Rosenberg.

I especially thank Dr. Neal L. Evenhuis for reviewing the entire manuscript, for nomenclatural and bibliographic advice and assistance, particularly with dating, and for assistance with preparing the manuscript for publication. This help, as well as his previous collaboration on the Hawaiian catalog (Cowie et al., 1995), greatly facilitated production of the present Samoan catalog.

I also thank the staff of the mollusc section of The Natural History Museum (London), including those already mentioned above, for facilitating my bibliographic research in their library, and the library staffs of The Natural History Museum, the Bishop Museum, and the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) for assisting me greatly in obtaining some of the more obscure literature.