John E. Randall's Fish Photos

Click on an image in the results grid to display a large image and other details. The Maximum number of returned images has been arbitrarily set to 500. If your search yields more records than this, images will not be diplayed in the results grid.

Enter any part of a taxonomic family, genus or species name, or a common name. All three taxonomic ranks will be searched, as well as common names and "Original ID" names. If both this box and the Locality box are left empty, then no search is performed.

Enter any part of a Locality name to search for. Note: the contents of this box are combined with whatever is entered in the Family/Genus/Species box with an "And" search parameter (i.e., only images matchig both the name and the locality will be retrieved). If you want to find all photos from a particular locality, leave the Family/Genus/Species box empty.

Search/Refresh Button:
This button displays the word Search if no previous search results are already displayed, and Refresh if the results of a previous search are already shown. In ether case, the action is the same: all entered and selected parameters above the horizontal line are used to generate a search query and format the output.

Image Size:
Search results can be displayed in one of three formats. If you select Icon, only tiny (50x50-pixel) icon representations of each image are shown in the results grid. Selecting the Thumbnail option (default) displays medium-size (150x150-pixel) images in results grid, and selecting Large displays large (300x300-pixel) images in the results grid. Smaller images are both faster to load, and allow more to fit on the screen, but are harder to see. Larger images are easier to see, but are slower to load and fewer of them can fit on the screen at any time (requiring scrolling to see all of the results). By default, Icons are displayed in 10 columns, Thumbnails are displayed in 5 columns, and Large images are displayed in 2 columns.

This box allows you to over-ride the default column count values for each of the three results image sizes, within limits. Depending on the resolution of your computer monitor, and the size of your browser window, you may want to increase or decrease the number of columns that the results grid displays, thereby making full use of the available screen space. Even if the grid appears to fill the entire screen width, selecting a larger number of columns will often squeeze the column widths narrower to fit more images on the screen. If there are too many columns, the grid will extend off the right side of the screen, and you will have to scroll horizontally to see all of the images. Icons may be diplayed in anywhere from 6 to 30 columns, Thumbnails may be displayed in 3-9 columns, and Large images may be displayed in 1-4 columns. If you enter a value that exceeds the allowable range for each image size, or if you enter a nonsensical value (non-numeric, negative, etc.), then the default column count value for the selected image size will be used.

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